Research within Trinity Health Ireland will be based on a set of guiding principles:

  • Research will be tightly aligned to Trinity College Strategic plan which identifies key focussed research areas linking to human health. These areas include neuroscience, infection and immunity, cancer and genetics with an up and coming focus on bioengineering and emerging areas in nutrigenomics. There is considerable overlap between the areas identified in health and other areas such as nanotechnology and information technology.
  • The research should strive towards excellence as befitting a premier international University Medical School.
  • Research should be conducted according to the highest ethical principles and according to the principles of appropriate research governance for clinical research.
  • It is crucially recognised that research depends on funding. Externally derived research funding is crucial for the success of the research policy. Externally derived research funding is critically based on the principle of funding excellence. Where internal funding becomes available, it will be expected to be utilised to develop areas of excellence to maintain the strategic focus of THI
  • Research in health sciences currently depends on maintenance of national and international collaboration. THI will maintain such a national and international collaboration as required for the development and maintenance of research excellence.
  • Strategic research areas may emerge which are not specifically designated in pre-existing research strategy. Where there is a compelling case for THI  to be actively involved in such research activities, these may be integrated into the research strategy where there is a critical mass or a champion involved who can drive the development of such a new area.
  • The development of technology platforms will be as appropriate to the development of the research strategy but will not take precedence over hypothesis driven research.
  • Strategic appointments will be made in conjunction with the college’s strategic plan and in association with the specifically divined strategic requirements of individual research sites.